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Blue Light Treatment

Acne plagues approximately 20% of the population, most commonly people with an influx of hormones such as teenagers and pregnant women. While there are topical creams and oral drugs that can help, for some people these solutions do not work or do not work well enough. Enter the Blue Light Treatment.

Blue Light treatments go right to the heart of the acne lesions, the bacteria that causes the acne in the first place. Blue Light destroys the bacteria that causes acne and facilitates quicker healing of the skin. This is because blue light is preferentially absorbed by the acne bacteria. Treatments consist of a series of appointments where patients sit in front of the blue light for less than 20 minutes twice a week for a period of weeks. Your doctor will recommend the correct duration of your treatment based on your skin's condition.

Quick Facts

Blue Light Treatment at a Glance

Treatment For

Acne and actinic keratoses

Expected Result

Clearer skin, minimized or eliminated lesions

Treatment Time

Less than 20 minutes, twice a week for several weeks


No down time

For Best Result

Follow doctor instructions and protect skin from sun exposure

How Does Blue Light Treatment Work?
Acne is caused by bacteria multiplying in the sebaceous glands that surround hair follicles resulting in symptoms from the common pimple to severe acne. The key is to get rid of the bacteria while not harming the skin. Some people use topical creams, special cleansers or even opt for oral medication. However these solutions do not work for everybody for a myriad of reasons. The Blue Light Treatment is an amazing treatment that eliminates the bacteria that causes acne. When the skin is exposed to the Blue Light Treatment, the blue light enters the sebaceous glands that harbor the bacteria. In turn the sebaceous glands create oxygen molecules that than destroy the bacteria and help the healing process. With the bacteria gone, acne begins to clear up and skin begins to heal.

What Does Blue Light Treatment Treat?
Blue Light Treatment treats acne. When the Blue Light Treatment is used in conjunction with ALA (amino levulinic acid) it effectively treats severe cases of acne as well as pre-cancerous skin lesions on the face or scalp called actinic keratoses (AK).

What Are Blue Light Treatment Treatments Like?
Typically patients sit in front of the Blue Light Treatment wearing eye goggles for eye protection. Treatments last less than 20 minutes and happen twice a week for several weeks, depending on the doctor's recommendation. When used in conjunction with a photosensitizer such as ALA, the medicine is applied before the treatment and left on the skin for about 1 hour, washed off, and then the patient sits in front of the Blue Light Treatment.

Does It Hurt and What Can Go Wrong?
Many patients feel no discomfort at all. The Blue Light Treatment feels warm, but not hot. Some patients experience a mild discomfort such as stinging, tingling, prickling, or burning of the lesions, but this should go away after the treatment. The skin can turn red and swollen in the following week. Some crusting may be noted, especially if used in conjunction with ALA. After one week there might be some minor redness that will gradually subside and can be easily covered with make up. After treatment skin may be very sensitive to the sun so it is important to cover the skin for protection and to wear sunglasses.

What should I expect from Blue Light Treatment Treatment?
While you won't look any different immediately after the procedure, you will notice your skin healing slowly and methodically as your series of treatments progresses. If ALA was used in conjunction with the Blue Light Treatment , or if it was used alone, scabbing may occur as the acne lesions heal, but this will end when the treatments are completed.
For more information about Blue Light Treatment, we encourage you to call to schedule an in-office consultation.

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